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Why is, LLC my best choice for the management of my Baltimore property?, LLC is your number one choice for MD property management for many reasons! For one, our decade of experience in the real estate market gives us an advantage when determining the market value of a home, and calculating the highest appropriate rental amount.

Besides our expertise allowing us to achieve lease rates at the ceiling of the market, we provide Un-Matched advertising for each client to guarantee the fastest turnaround time for renting their home, and for top dollar!

Our top-notch skills and tools allow us to advertise your home for rent on 72 top real estate websites, using high definition videos and high-resolution pictures of your home, to bring in the most income possible for your property!

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How long do I have to wait before there is a paying tenant in my home?

It does depend on each individual home’s situation: the area it is in, your asking rental price, and the current local market, but at, LLC, we are more efficient with our time than other property management companies in the area.

Our superior advertising will generally achieve the placement of a qualified tenant into your Baltimore home in 32 days, on average.

In optimum conditions, your home may even rent in a matter of weeks or days! When we match our quality advertising and services with a turn-key property, we can move it faster than the other MD property management companies and brokers!

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What variables do you factor in when deciding a rental rate for my home?

At, LLC we are experts in residential MD property management.

We pride ourselves with knowing the scoop when it comes to local market trends, rental prices, what the current market is looking for and how to attract prospective renters.

We use our own in-house private data, examine the neighborhood, collect data on other properties currently or recently rented in the area, and the specific features and condition of your home to formulate a rental rate that will attract quality tenants in 30 days or less with a full deposit.

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Will you be letting just anyone look at my home?

We take great care in thoroughly screening all prospective renters before showing them your home. There will be no keys given out.

Instead of giving tenants the lockbox code or keys like some management companies, we only allow our select professional leasing agents access to your home, who in turn, will only show your home to pre-qualified tenants.

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What does your tenant screening process consist of?

When a prospective resident has found your property on our website, or another site we have listed the property on, and contacts us that they want to rent the home, we start the screening process. This process involves a Transunion® credit check, a background check, a review of their employment history, rental history, and a check of the local and national sexual offender databases.

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How and when should I expect my rent from your company?

Residents are aware of rent being due on or before the 1st of every month. We will collect their payments and then post the proceeds to your account. Rent proceeds are sent via ACH deposits and usually arrive in your account between the 10th and the 12th of the month.

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How do you control maintenance costs?

With our in house maintenance division and specialized vendors that are qualified to handle any problems, we are able to keep costs down.

We will not mark up invoices like other companies do, so you will receive the best work at the best price for any problems that may arise.

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How can I be sure that the resident will be responsible when living in my home?

One word: Inspections.

Properties are inspected randomly every 3-4 months that the resident is living in the property. along with move-in and move-out inspections.

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Is it my job to mow the lawn, and other lawn maintenance?

It is customary for residents to take care of mowing the lawn and general lawn maintenance.

However, if you would like to ensure that your lawn receives regular, top-notch maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible, we do offer a full-service landscaping program.

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When I move out of the house, should I cancel my utilities?

Absolutely not!

It is important to leave the utilities on and under your name until they have been transferred to the new resident to safeguard against damage to plumbing, appliances and sump pumps.

Besides saving you from damages, there are fewer hassles when you transfer the utilities from one name to another than trying to get them shut off and turned back on.

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What about insurance?

Because you are still the one who owns the home, you are the only one legally allowed to hold a homeowners’ insurance policy, the resident cannot.

While your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover the home itself, we do require that the residents carry renters’ insurance for their personal belongings.

Contact your insurance agent if you have any additional questions.

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My move-out date is less than 6 weeks away. How soon should I start the rental process?

Right now is the perfect time to give us a call and see how we can help you with MD property management!

Waiting until the last minute makes things more difficult for everyone.

Improve your renting experience by contacting us today!

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Are there any costs to start using your MD property management company?

No! We do not charge any setup fees nor do we require a reserve account.

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What if my resident doesn’t pay rent?

Residents are required to pay rent on the 1st of every month.

Maryland law provides for a grace period of 5 days for residents to pay rent.

We file Failure to Pay Rent notices with the Court on the 6th of the month.

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How do you handle water bills?

Great question!

We require that the residents of single-family properties pay their own water bills. We will have the bill mailed to you and you simply email us a copy.

If you’re an owner of a multi-family property, we have solutions to help control your water expenses.

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What is a lead certificate?

A lead certificate or “ Lead cert” is a document that is issued by a 3rd party inspector to certify that your property complies with the lead-safe laws.

This a requirement to legally rent your property if it was built before 1978.

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Why do you charge the entire first months rent to rent my property?

We have a rigorous screening and marketing process that includes:

  • Credit checks
  • Background checks
  • Sex offender check
  • A site visit to the prospective residents’ current residence
  • Landlord references, personal references
  • Move-in inspection
  • Resident guarantee
  • Professional pictures

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