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How to Register a Rental Property Part 1: The City of Baltimore, MD

Rental property registration is required when you have a property in Baltimore City. Today, we’re discussing how to properly register in the city. It’s a fairly easy process.


How to Register Rental Property: Lead Inspection

First, you need to get a lead inspection. If you don’t have a lead inspector, you can look online for a list of Baltimore City lead inspectors. Typically, it’s $75 to $125 for the inspector to come out to your property. They will also charge per swipe of your windows. So, you’re probably looking at a cost of around $250 on an average sized property.


Registration for Rental Property: Documentation and Forms

Once you have your lead inspection back, your next step is to complete your landlord registration with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). When you register the property, you will receive a tracking number and a lead certification number. Then, you can fill out a three-page form. You can find that documentation on the city website and on our website at


Property Registration: Submitting the Fee and Forms

Baltimore Rental Property RegistrationFill out your forms, and print them out. Then, you can take them to 417 East Fayette Street in Baltimore. Hand that paperwork in with a check for $30 per unit. Once this is complete, you have successfully registered your rental property with the city of Baltimore.

It’s that easy. If you have any questions, or you need help with Baltimore, MD property management, Contact at We’d be happy to assist you further.



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